Hot Water Sets

Hipex has developed an innovative and unique method of heating and circulating hot water in a compact form for hot water needs. Water is heated using steam via a specially corrugated drop in tube bundle, and our patented back pressure valve eliminates the need for a separate steam trap, allowing for more efficient energy extraction. This valve regulates the pressure in the hot water loop, thereby preventing cavitation and significantly reducing operating noise. To further reduce noise, the steam is condensed back into liquid before being injected into the hot water loop, which also serves to maintain the loop’s capacity at all times.

While our hot water sets are available as a stand-alone unit, they can also be seamlessly integrated into the support stand of heating systems, requiring no additional space.

A HIPEX hot water set features:
Attemperation loop

If the installation site already has an adequate supply of hot water that needs to be controlled, we can also use an attemperation loop. This is a less expensive method of controlling the temperature and flow rate of hot water when there is already excess hot water available, and it can also be supplied as a stand-alone set.


Heat Exchange - Type H

Steam is used to heat water in a Tubular heat exchanger mounted on the discharge side of the hot water pump via a modulating valve. The condensing steam is returned to the tank via a Check Valve, which is controlled by a Ball Float Steam Trap. Condensate overflows through the Back Pressure Valve (BPV), which regulates the suction pressure of the pump.

Heat Exchange - Type Hi

Although this system heats the water via a tube nest, it returns all condensate directly to the water trim heater, eliminating the need for a steam trap. Each twisted tube is closed at one end except for a 2mm hole that allows condensed steam to drain into the water tank in a typical installation. Condensate overflows through the Back Pressure Valve (BPV), which regulates the suction pressure of the pump.

Back Pressure Valve

The diaphragm is made of Viton rubber and has one side that is open to water pressure and the other side that is open to regulated air pressure. Before the water pressure acting into the inlet port can deflect the rubber diaphragm and escape through the outlet port, it must exceed the air pressure.

The Back Pressure Valve is used to pressurise the pump suction to prevent the pump from cavitating when pumping high temperature hot water (i.e.. 90oc or more).