Flow Components

Partnering with the best in the industry

Heat exchangers can be constructed from a variety of materials. Hipex imports a variety of flow components to complement our heat exchangers and systems, depending on the type of heat exchanger required and the purpose or objectives for which the heat exchanger is being used.

For over 40 years, Hipex has had a long-standing and solid partnership with Bardiani in Parma, Italy. Bardiani produces a wide range of high-quality valves, many of which are unique in their capabilities and are used by other valve manufacturers world-wide. We are proud of Bardiani’s global presence and believe they are the ideal suppliers for Hipex’s one-of-a-kind range of heat exchangers, with control tops to suit all control systems and specialised values capable of operating at extreme temperatures and pressures.

Homogenisers and piston pumps are also important components in the successful implementation of many food processing systems. Homegenisation is frequently required when combining one or more substances within a liquid to produce a highly stable product.

Hipex have also partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturer FBF Italia (also based in Parma, Italy), to ensure our clients receive only the best on the market. FBF Italia offers a range of homogenisers ranging in size from laboratory to full production, from 50 to 50,000 LPH. Additionally, they can provide homogenising pressures of up to 2000 Bar, ensuring that all homogenising requirements are met.

Additionally, FBF Italia manufactures a comprehensive line of piston pumps, including the highly specialised PVC series with pneumatically operated valves for pumping larger particulates.