Safe & Sustainable Solutions

The food manufacturing industry places a premium on food safety. Pasteurisation is arguably one of the most critical aspects of food safety. By rapidly heating certain foods for a brief period of time to kill bacteria, pasteurisation ensures food safety without compromising its nutritional value. There are very few, if any, non-pasteurised liquid food products available today.

While audits are conducted to ensure compliance with various standards, they are insufficient on their own. Pasteurisers must not only satisfy the requirements of the Audit process, but they must also be energy efficient, operator friendly and appropriate for the product being processed. Hipex’s experienced engineers are familiar with these frequently conflicting conditions and can design, automate and commission a pasteuriser to meet the specific needs of a customer.

Pasteurisation is required for various food and beverage items, from fruit juice to baby food and beyond, and some need to be custom-designed for each product. For example, a pasteuriser designed for milk will be incapable of processing mango puree. To effectively design and manufacture pasteurisers for such a diverse range of products, a detailed understanding of the product to be processed, expertise with comparable products and a diverse selection of equipment to utilise are required.

Often, the same piece of equipment will be used to process many product types. At times, this is feasible; at other times, it is not. This is where Hipex has the extensive experience and knowledge, that customers find invaluable.

When it comes to the design, automation and construction of a pasteuriser, Hipex possess all of the capabilities and heat exchangers to build a pasteuriser specific for their customers’ need.