Aseptic systems (UHT)

ultra-high temperatures

Hipex are experts in aseptic processing, which is an ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilisation technique that involves rapidly heating products to temperatures higher than those required for pasteurisation.


The aim of this highly specialised area of food processing is to deliver a commercially sterile product with suitable packaging that will keep the product shelf stable. Temperatures that are significantly higher than atmospheric boiling are frequently used, creating not only engineering but also product specific challenges.


These challenges can be overcome by selecting the correct processing temperature and ‘Holding Time’ to achieve commercial sterility. The optimal time and temperature will vary depending on the product and are determined by a number of product-specific properties. To achieve the optimum taste, colour and texture, the final time and temperature must be precisely calculated.


Once the product has cooled, it can be filled; however, the products sterility must be maintained throughout this process. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to select the appropriate equipment and follow adequate procedures.


With extensive experience in the design and construction of aseptic processing systems for juice, milk, concentrates, pastes and other particulate products, Hipex is Australia’s leading specialist in ensuring produce products are nutritious and delicious while remaining shelf-stable. Once the product leaves our system, fillers can be fed directly or via an aseptic storage vessel, through a processing line that adheres to stringent standards for the preservation of the products integrity.


We offer a diverse range of heat exchangers to suit virtually any product, and with decades of professional ‘hands-on’ experience, we can deliver an aseptic system with modern automation to suit almost any food manufactured product.