Direct Steam Injections (DSI)

Hipex have designed, automated, delivered and commissioned several Direct Steam Injection (DSI) systems.

In certain food processing applications, Direct Steam Injection is the preferred method of heating. DSI works by injecting steam directly into a liquid at a lower temperature, where the fine ‘bubbles’ of steam are instantly absorbed by the liquid, resulting in a 100% transfer of heat energy.

Direct contact between the steam and the liquid results in a faster heat transfer process. This delivers a more efficient use of energy by utilising 100% of the steam’s force to heat process fluids or utility water. This method is frequently chosen due to specific product requirements such as heat sensitivity, viscosity or channel changes.

Hipex has the experience to design, engineer and construct a DSI system tailored to the specific requirements of the product, making it a favored approach for a wide range of products ranging from milk and water to cheese sauces with garnish.