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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative sustainable solutions for the food processing industry, while being recognised as world specialists in our field.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to investing in the design and manufacturing of heat exchanger systems that continually remain at the forefront of technology.


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Advanced Processes & Solutions in Heat Exchange.

Hipex is Australia’s leader in high-performance heat transfer solutions, specialising in developing innovative and flexible equipment and systems for the food processing industry.

Our focus on quality and reliability, together with our extensive knowledge of heat exchange, makes us experts in design, manufacturing and installing smart and energy efficient heating and cooling products, services and solutions for our customers.


Hipex offers a complete range of heat transfer systems designed for efficiency, quality and responsible practice. We work collaboratively with our customers to determine the best possible solution for their manufacturing processes and can develop process solutions based on detailed specifications.


Our Services

Hipex offers a range of services to ensure end-to-end solutions for our customer’s needs. In addition to designing, developing and installing heat exchange systems, we offer automation technology to improve production efficiency, comprehensive product testing through our Research and Development Centre and provide high quality spare parts to suit any Hipex heat exchanger.


Automation plays a great role in the production process. Our automation engineers are experienced and skilled in design and can commission a system suitable with the exact requirements for our customers.


Hipex stock seal kits to suit all Hipex Heat Exchangers. These are available in a range of different materials including FDA Certificate elastomeric.

Hipex also represents valves, pump and homogeniser manufacture here in Australia.

Hipex carry and extensive range of spare parts for all units.


Our advanced Research and Development Centre houses plant and equipment for optimum product testing processes, providing a full service for customers to collaborate with our designers and engineers to trial new product ideas.



Hipex is one of Australia’s largest technology suppliers for heat exchangers for the food and beverage industry. Our applications range from implementing high quality processing solutions through to individual components for a diverse range of end-user markets.


Our approach

Scope & Goals

Hipex identify expected outcomes and outline the specific heat exchange requirements through initial and thorough consultations with customers. This creates the opportunity to create a roadmap to identify products and applications, and provide a suitable solution to customer specific requests.

Planning & Design

Once goals are finalised, the working environment, location of equipment, services available and any foreseeable limitations are identified. Hipex will recommend a design based on data collected and provide customers with the best possible sustainable solution for their specific project and budget.

Execution & Testing

Order approved with manufacturing resources and stock allocated. Hipex proceed to build the custom designed system in our on-site Research and Development facility, equipped with the latest technology to execute and test product. Through extensive collaborations with customers, Hipex ensure the solution is perfectly tailored to meet specifications.

Delivery & Install

Upon completion, Hipex deliver and install equipment directly to a customers' site. All our in-house designed industrial mixers, tubes and heat exchanges come also with clear labels and instructions. Once installation is complete, equipment is commissioned with our assistance to assist with any future maintenance, cleaning services or technical issues. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Why customers love us

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Our customers

Our Commitment to the


We are committed to building effective solutions through sustainable growth that benefit both our customers and the planet. We are continuously implementing new and improved processes to help reduce our carbon footprint and creating healthier working conditions within our on-site manufacturing plant. We will always strive to provide the best and most advanced products for our clients, whilst utilising fewer resources, extending equipment lifetime and respecting and protecting the environment.


The Hipex Team



The designing and manufacturing needs of our customers is extremely important to us. If you have any questions or would like to request more information,  please fill out the form. If your enquiry is urgent, please contact us on +61 3 9462 3366.

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