Hot Water Heating

Hipex manufactures a wide range of heat exchangers for heating water, with flow rates ranging from 1000L/hr to 500000L/hr and above.

Along with our patented Hipex Hot Water Set design hot water sets, which offers several advantages over conventional designs, we also produce more traditional double tube, shell and tube and coil heaters. These three traditional models may be modified to use steam or water as the heating medium and can be designed to withstand extremely high pressures and temperatures.

For the longest feasible operational life, many design considerations must be considered when constructing a steam to water heater. Over the last 30 years, Hipex have produced over 10000 steam to water heaters, providing us with a thorough understanding of these crucial design elements, allowing us to be leaders in this field.

Through our experience, we have discovered there are often cases where water can have a detrimental effect and harm specific metals or alloys. This is something that is frequently overlooked which can lead to premature failure. Corrosion resistance is the key to prolonged service life, and we have gained extensive knowledge over the years of which metal or alloy works best with the various possible corrosive compounds.

Hipex hot water solutions are available in a variety of materials, including but not limited to 316 Stainless Steel, 2205 and 2507 Duplex alloys and Inconel. All our solutions can be configured to accommodate nearly any space. For critical applications where the shell side of the heater also required clear access for inspection, we provide strippable shell Double Tube heat exchangers.

Contact Hipex today, to learn more about what the best and most cost-effective solution for your hot water heating needs.

A New Approach to Continuous Mixing

A specially designed central mixing element interacts with the Mixchanger’s inner tube to create continuous radial mixing in the product path. By carefully varying the size and shape of the removable central mixing element, it is possible to achieve the optimal degree of mixing. This means that it is well suited to virtually any application involving the heating or cooling of viscous products, with or without particulates.

The Mixchanger’s single product path design eliminates the risk of a blocked channel, which typically requires timely disassembly and manual cleaning. We have simplified the cleaning process as the unit is designed for CIP cleaning and the central mixing element can be easily removed for visual inspection of the heating surfaces on a periodic basis.