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Choosing the right materials

What Material Should I Choose?

Choosing the appropriate material for your heat exchanger is critical and requires striking a balance between different attributes.

This involves the following factors:

These factors should be balanced against the intended use of the unit when selecting the material to ensure the heat exchanger’s maximum life.

Certain products, such as saturated salt brines, sweet chilli sauce, and sports drinks, present material selection challenges. Acidic or alkaline environments frequently require materials with different properties than the conventional austenitic stainless steels (304 or 316) that are suitable for a wide variety of other “typical” applications.

This photo shows a Double Tube cooler used for brines containing 25% salt. The brine solution circulates within the 1-inch SAF2507 inner tube, which is chilled from 65 deg C to 20 deg C by cooling water.

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