Food manufacturing, like every other industry, requires a high level of automation to ensure product quality and even greater food safety. Consistent processing systems are critical for meeting these critical criteria and automation is the key to consistency.

Hipex has a dedicated team of automation engineers with decades of food industry experience. Our automation process is an in-house operation – from control panel design to HMI and PLC software development. With the support of some of the largest automation equipment vendors in the world, you can be confident that the automation package delivered with our equipment is utilising the latest technology to maximise your benefits and future-proof your investment.

Modern automation systems support VNC clients for remote access. Audit trails can be implemented. Recipe systems, as well as operator login and security, are now standard. Email notifications can be sent in response to specific events, data can be logged and written to a USB flash drive or a SQL database, and OEE and even web access can be enabled. Our enthusiastic team stay current on new developments in the automation field so that these advancements can be added to the equipment’s growing list of capabilities.

The Hipex automation team have been involved in a variety of software development and commissioning projects. The advantage of our in-house approach for our customers is that nothing is lost in translation. We are involved in the process and equipment design and development and can apply this detailed knowledge of the equipment to the development of PLC software and HMIs. This is to ensure that the maximum benefit envisioned by our team of skilled designers is gathered daily by your operators as they operate the equipment in the manner intended.