Cod moves house!
Last Updated: 21/11/2013


The build-up was long with months of preparation, so it was an exciting day when Cod moved into her new home!

Cod had grown into her old tank and in order for her to develop further, like any growing family, she really needed a larger home.  Many hours of research were conducted before she settled on a brand-new, 4,000 litre, polycarbonate tank.  This offered double the swimming space of her previous digs, and would allow her freedom to show off her beauty from all sides as she would now be able to swim around corners!


Once the tank arrived, some time was taken to ensure that the environment would be suitable for Cod before the move.  Many hours of trial and error (and sleepless nights!) took place in order to get a tank which was not only chemically sound, but also attractive to look at while simulating what would be Cod’s natural environment.

The new tank has a deep sand bed, logs, 1,000 watts of lighting and many plants.  All have these have posed their own challenges in setting up the tank.

Melbourne’s cold weather also played its part in determining requirements.  Arriving after a particularly cold weekend to a tank full of dead plants and snails heralded the arrival of a house-built, inline heater.

The actual move, with all of the lead up, happened very smoothly and uneventfully.  While it was initially planned for Cod to swim her own way into the new tank via a pipe and water pumping loop, we soon found that this wasn’t going to work – Cod simply didn’t like that idea!  In the end, it was no more than 5 seconds from start to finish using a good old fishing net.

She is now a happy fish, greeting everyone who enters the office with her smile and demand for food.  Next time you’re in the area, drop in and say hello!

The old tank now houses Cod’s dinner!